Friday, 9 October 2009

Psophis Launched

Hereby is launched a blog on a variety of photographic trails through the woods and downs of what used to be Wessex (broadly Hampshire, Berkshire and surrounding areas) in Southern England.

Why Psophis (Ψωφίς), you ask?

Well, Psophis was a greek city in the land of Arcadia, the fabled kingdom of rural delights - and all other sensible names had gone! Sadly Arcadia is a distant memory, only widely known from the latin enscription “Et in Arcadia ego” made recently famous by Dan Brown and Co..

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

There may be other explanations as to why you chose such a pretentious name. May be you were hiding the true meaning in an anagram?
There's the champagne taster : 'posh sip'; or even 'shop sip' but may be a delicate mariner 'ship sop' more likely is the audio engineer's nightmare 'pop hiss'. However most likely of all is the beer drinker's end product 'hop piss'...